Why don’t you have Torx head screws?

The Torx screw is characterized by a more visible head and creates more shading on the siding. It is therefore much less discreet than the Light Trim screw. With a thinner head, the bevelled undercut of the Torx screw creates pressure on the siding thus weakens the fiber cement panel.  

What is the advantage of using a grade 8 screw?

Using a grade 8 screw creates less pressure on the fiber cement panel. Therefore, reducing the risk of breakage. Since it is also smaller, for example than a grade 10 screw, it creates less fiber cement residue on your siding.

Can I repaint the trims?

Yes, our trims are very easy to repaint. They do not require any chemical treatments, such as anodizing.

How is the paint quality?

Our trims are painted in compliance with the highest standards and PPG. In accordance with AAMA 2604.