20-Year Limited Warranty

Light Trim Siding Solutions offers a 20-Year Limited Warranty on its trims (mouldings). This limited warranty applies to the original retail purchaser and is non-transferable.

Light Trim Siding Solutions certifies its extruded aluminium trims are exempt of manufacturing defect due to labour or materials (cracks, tears, blisters, peeling and rust).

Light Trim Siding Solutions offers coverage on fading and colour variation* (Delta-E Hunter colour scale) for the first 10 years of the warranty. See below calculation details for the Delta-E Hunter standards*.

Light Trim Siding Solutions warrants trims for a period of 4 years after the original date of purchase against defects due to severe chalking, which may produce chalk residue on siding.


Light Trim Siding Solutions warranty is conditional on compliance with proper installation, as mentioned in the siding manufacturers’ installation guides. Trims (mouldings) do not serve as support. They serve as finishing products.


  • Damage to aluminum due to improper installation, use or servicing.
  • Damage caused by handling, transport, storage or improper cleaning.
  • Damage caused by contact with chemicals.
  • Air pollutants or accumulated mold.
  • Damage caused by work, shrinkage or deformation of the structure.
  • Installation or labour costs.


The responsibility of Light Trim Siding Solutions, without exception, is limited to product replacement.

During warranty coverage, trims with cracks, tears, blisters, peeling and rust will be replaced at 100% of the purchased price during the first 10 years of the warranty. From the eleventh to the twentieth year, a depreciation of 10% per year is deducted from the suggested retail price of the trims. This warranty is valid in Canada only.


For assistance with a warranty claim, please contact the authorized reseller, distributor or Light Trim Siding Solutions moulding supplier. If after 30 days you have not received any response to your concerns, please contact Light Trim Siding Solutions by email at info@lighttrim.com, or by mail at 650 Pere-Lelievre, Suite 125, Quebec Quebec G1M 3T2, Canada 418 914-9053.

* Calculation details for the Delta-E Hunter standardsDuring the first 10 years from the date of delivery, the discolouration should not exceed 6 units ΔE Hunter for vertical installation and 8 ΔE Hunter units for non-vertical installation, in chromatic measurements in accordance with ASTM D2244. Measurements should be taken only on clean surfaces, after removal of surface deposits and chalk marks in accordance with the requirements of ASTM D3964.The discolouration will be determined using an approved colourimeter designed to produce reflectance readings in the filter system trichromatic X, Y and Z, based on CIE illuminance values C to 2o in the Hunter L, a, and b units.