Flashing and Transision Trims

Elegance and durability for your project with Light Trim mouldings.

Solin de 2 pouces

2-Inch Flashing

Product code: S001

2-inch flashing perfect for windows and doors, with a 100° drip angle and a depth of 2 inches.


Vertical Trimfor 5/16” Panel and 3/4” Lap

Product code: V920

Vertical transition trim, designed to join panel and lap on the same plane. Specifically designed to create visual symmetry for the entire project.
Two-piece trim that fits together, perfect for speeding up installation.

Moulure verticale pour panneaux et déclins
Moulure coin extérieur pour panneaux et déclins

Exterior corner Trim for 5/16” Panel and 3/4” Lap

Product code: V924

90° angle exterior corner trim designed for transitions between lap and panel walls.

Adjustable Exterior Corner Trim for 5/16” Panel and 3/4” Lap

Product code: V294

Exterior corner designed to make transitions between lap and panel walls with angles between 105° and 165°.

Moulure coin extérieur variable pour panneaux et déclins

Features of All Light Trim Mouldings:

• Sturdy 1.4 mm thick 6360-T5 aluminum
brand paint
• Up to 3 base colours
• Custom and “Statement” James Hardie colours readily available
• Trim length: 10 feet (3.048 m)
• 5/16″ opening for panel trims
• 3/4″ opening for lap trims
• 20-year limited warranty
• LEED V4 Certified
• All paint and trims 100% made in Canada